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Three years ago, God opened the door for our daughter (Tabitha) to attend Genesis Preparatory Academy in Post Fall, Idaho, USA.  She lives with a Christian family and is involved in their local church. She has done very well with her studies the past 3 years. She has also grown a lot spiritually. This school year, she will be entering 10th grade. 

This year our financial situation has changed dramatically due to Covid-19.

Presently, we do not have enough money to help her continue with her studies. If we do not get enough funds, we will be forced to send her back to Cambodia. Unfortunately, if this happens, her past 3 years of high school education in the U.S. will be wasted since it is NOT recognized in the Cambodian public educational system. The other option will be for Tabitha to transfer to an international (private) school in Cambodia, but the school fees are even more expensive than many schools in America.

Tabitha really wants to finish her high school years in Post Fall, Idaho. She only needs $5,000 more for this year (school fees and personal expenses). Will you please pray and consider helping Tabitha enroll this academic year? 

We are praying for two (2) friends who will be willing to commit a one-time gift of $1,000 or by installment five (5) friends who will give $500 each or by installment, and five (5) friends who will give $100.

Will you please join with us in this endeavor accomplish Tabitha's goal? Our goal is to raise the $5,000 this year.   

We would love to hear back from you! Please let us know if you can help so I can contact you for more details. Thank you for your continued prayers for Tabitha and our family! 

We would love to hear back from you! You can email me at

Kindest regards,

Dourng, Sitha and Srey Nit

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