You are supporting $36K Matching Gift

A generous partner and donor with CCI said that he would give ½ of $72,000 as a Matching Gift. We have asked God to provide the other ½ : $36,000. 

With your generous donations, praise God, we have met this goal! 

The goal of the CCI ministry is to see spiritual mature, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ made in all the countries where CCI works.  NATIONAL COORDINATORS oversee the classes and teachers in their area. They initiate and facilitate Teacher Training Workshops so that new pastors are trained in how to teach the CCI curriculum. Some of these National Coordinators serve as part-time volunteers since they must work to provide for their families and pay for ministry travel expenses. 

As the CCI leadership talked with the national directors of several countries, they all said they had several faithful men who were certified trainers who were ready and willing to serve full-time with CCI, but lack the funding to do so.

God put a burden on our leadership to ask God to raise up $72,000 in 2020 to be add these 20 new national coordinators. That is when the 20 in 2020 goal was birthed.

In most cases, it takes $300 per month to provide sufficient income to support their family and ministry travel expenses. 20 coordinators x $300 per month for 12 months equals $72,000.

Thank you for your investment. 

Almost done, where should we send the confirmation?

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